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South Washington Alternative High School serves students in ninth through twelfth grades and is part of South Washington County Schools. The school offers an alternative learning environment with small class sizes that help students become career and college ready. At South Washington Alternative High School, all staff members are committed to helping every student feel supported and included. Teachers work to personalize student learning through one-on-one conversations and building relationships.

South Washington Alternative High School prepares all students for life after high school. Students have a variety of career readiness options including enrolling in career and technical training at Northeast Metro 916 or earning credits through employment. In addition, students take part in field trips focused on service learning, as well as, college and career preparation. South Washington Alternative High School also offers the Advancement Via Individual Determination ( AVID ) program, which helps students develop organizational skills and study habits so they can be successful in college.



*Please note some events may be modified or canceled due to Covid-19 
Secondary students in grades 6-12 will shift to distance learning beginning on Monday, Nov. 16 through at least Tuesday, Dec. 22
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Congratulations to these All Star Students of Trimester 1.1!
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Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up on October 12th and 13th
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