Get to know our Teachers

If you have ever wondered what our teachers are like, what classes we offer, or how dedicated we are to see our students succeed. Here is your chance to find out! Below are testimonials from all the staff at South Washington Alternative High School. We look forward to meeting you!

Meet Jill! Her goal is to make sure that you meet your HS standards, but also make sure that the Art room is relaxed and enjoyable. Weather you like drawing or ceramics, you can enjoy small class sizes and personal attention and encouragement.

Meet Cortney! She is our Special Education Teacher. She teaches Strategies, Resource, and Team taught Math and English.

Welcome to Chad! He is our new Economics and History Teacher! We are so glad you are here Chad!!

Meet Lane! He teaches Physical Education, Health, and Video Production. He also loves sports and movies! 

Meet Katie! She teaches English and has been with us for 14 years! We are very lucky to have you Katie!

Meet Kelly! She teaches Science and loves GAMING! Where are our fellow gamers!?

Meet our English Teacher Jon! Jon is interested in just about everything, so you can definitely find some common ground. 

Meet Brad! He teaches, Biology, Physical Science and Environmental Science. Check out that Muskie!!

Meet our Math Teacher Nicole! She has a great family and they love animals! 

Meet Charlie! He has been teaching math here for 28 years! He loves fishing!