How does SWAHS communicate with parents?

We use the Blackboard Connect parent notification system to email or phone parents with information tailored to things that they need to know. For example, if an announcement pertains to seniors only, we send the message to all families with a senior. Tailoring who we send information to lets you know that when we email or phone you, the information pertains to your student or family. Occasionally, we will send important information that pertains to all families of Alternative High School.

What is the Parent Portal?
Parent Portal is part of the Infinite Campus student information system. Parent Portal is a confidential and secure website to get current information about your student(s). Information available to parents/guardians via the Portal includes:

  • Certain demographic information,
  • A family calendar that displays attendance events and assignments due for all students in the household (note: assignments for grade 6-12 students only),
  • An Individual student calendar for each student in the household,
  • A schedule of classes for each student in the household,
  • Assignments and grades for each student (grades 6-12),
  • Attendance by term/trimester and period for the year,
  • Health immunization records,
  • Reports (pdf format),
  • Schools may post important information on the home page, such as events, notices, etc.

What do I need to access Parent Portal?
You'll need Internet access through your computer or mobile device and a login account to Parent Portal.

How do I get a login account?
Parents/guardians who do not have access to Parent Portal must contact Student Information at 651-425-6218 or ICSupport@sowashco.org to activate their Parent Portal account.

How do I login to Parent Portal?

You must create an account to login to Parent Portal.

Where do I login to Parent Portal?
A Student/Parent Portal link is located on the burgundy bar at the top of the screen. Parent Portal is part of the Infinite Campus student information system. Your login screen now says, "Campus Portal" not Parent Portal.

How do I get my transcript?
An Unofficial Transcript can be viewed and printed from the Parent Portal for grades 9-12.  Once logged into your parent portal account, please choose the student you want to view the transcript for. Once you have chosen your student, click on reports on the left side of the page.  The report you are looking for is the 'Transcript Unofficial-Portal Copy'.  Click on it to view the transcript.

How do I get my student's report card?

Report cards are generated at the end of each trimester. You can see your student's report card through your Parent Portal account.

Where are the lunch prices posted?
Lunch (and breakfast) information is found on the Nutrition Services webpages of the District 833 website. There's information here also about setting-up a School café account, adding money to lunch accounts, high school menus, and detailed nutrition info for the menus.

Where are the school supply lists?
SWAHS does not compile supply lists for students. Every student has their own unique schedule when they get to high school making it difficult to create one master supply list that works for everyone. Some teachers may post supply lists on their websites, which are located on their Academic department page. For the first day of classes, students should have a notebook, pen, and paper with them.

Where can I find a school map?
District 833 does not publish school maps on building websites for security reasons. Maps posted throughout the building and in the Attendance Office.

Where is the School Calendar?
Look for the Events Calendar tab at the bottom large screen devices to see the school calendar. On small screen mobile devices, use the Events Calendar menu link--you'll need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen. SWAHS uses Google calendar to post events.

Can I add the events from the SWAHS Events Calendar to my own calendar?
Yes. Please use the linked instructions for your Google or Apple or other computer program calendar.

Where do I find sports schedules?
Sporting schedules are posted on the Activities website for each individual high school--look for the Calendar tab. Alternatively you can view sports schedules through the Suburban East Conference (SEC) website at www.suburbaneast.org.

Where can I find information about the Activities Center hours and dates?
The Activities Center is operated by District 833 Community Education. Find information on their website www.cecool.com on the Activity Center webpage.