Language arts is one of the tools that unlocks the human mind. At the AHS this is considered and truly practiced. We embrace literature, grammar, elements of poetry, research papers, persuasive papers, personal narratives, critical thinking, comparison of literature and life. This is a short list that only scratches the surface of what we do in class and as a building. We also focus on how our work in English can relate to students lives and help us to understand ourselves and others. With Language Arts being a core subject we respect and try to combine and intertwine the elements of language arts into lessons that involve social studies, history, science, art, physical education, foods classes, and many other subjects. We look to read stories of inspiration and also hard work. We see how things in life can be difficult and we use the stories and poems and ideas to create a better and deeper understanding of ourselves and our surroundings. With this in mind we struggle and succeed but our mission is to instill understanding and enjoyment of language arts into every students mind here at the Alternative High School. We graciously accept this mission and do our best to inspire and teach students the benefits of language arts.