Credit Recovery Support Opportunity

Posted on 01/13/2021

Attention Students and  Parents/Guardians,


The SWAHS wants to give all our students a chance to recover credits in the most effective way possible.  We acknowledge and appreciate how difficult this pandemic has been for our students and families alike.  Therefore, to offer more flexibility for the student, the we are looking at a different structure for Credit Recovery.


  • We are offering the opportunity for credit recovery from January 25th - March 4th.  
  • Interested students should contact Charlie Cauthorn ( or Kate Jenkins ( by January 21st to register. 
  • Once the list of interested students is compiled, our Credit Recovery teachers (Katie Harmeyer-English, Nicole Mills-Mathematics, Brad Kobilka-Science, and Mike Shelhamer-Social Studies) will reach out to the student before January 25th to arrange their individual credit recovery schedule.  All meeting times will be held online, via Google Meet or Zoom. 


Students and teachers will individually schedule time to work on missing credits. As a general guideline, we would expect students to meet with their teacher for 1-2 hours per week, to ensure productivity and progress in their classes. Teachers will reach out to parents when student complete credits of if they miss their scheduled time.


If you have any questions regarding Credit Recovery, please contact Charlie Cauthorn ( or Kate Jenkins (