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Student Spotlight

SWAHS Student Spotlight

Learn about the South Washington Alternative High School students who are making an impact in their community.

Meet Jared!

Jared Beasley is my choice for our student spotlight! He has been working hard in his math class to make sure assignments are completed each day. If he ever missed a day, I know that he will turn in those missing assignments promptly. He was also enrolled in my math lab and crushed making up his geometry credits! Here is some things Jared wanted to share about him and our school:


1. What has been the best thing about SWAHS?

 He really enjoys the smaller class sizes. Another good thing about this school is the staff. They are great and they really want to help.

2. What do you do outside of school?

 He plays sports, like baseball. And he likes to play video games.

3. What are your plans after high school?

 He hasn’t thought about what he wants to do outside of school yet.


Keep Up the good work Jared! ~Nicole Mills AHS Math Teacher


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