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Student Spotlight

SWAHS Student Spotlight

Learn about our amazing South Washington Alternative High School students and the positive impact they have on our school.

Meet Anthony

Anthony Ellingson and Jon

Anthony Ellingson- I have Anthony in my first-hour class this trimester and last trimester. I was worried that Anthony might not enjoy my class or the discussions we have. However, as the term went on, I learned Anthony has a great sense of humor and some great insightful questions that add greatly to class discussions. He is curious in class and doesn’t always have a lot to say but when he does it counts! He worked hard to earn the full credit last trimester and I was happy to report the passing grade. He is fun to have in class, he brings a different way of thinking to many situations, and he is genuine and thoughtful about many of the stories and topics we discuss. 

I sat down with Anthony and asked him a few questions. Mind you I made predictions and then asked him what his thoughts were. This is how it went. 

What do you like about SWAHS? Why?

Jon- I like Jon’s class. I love the way that Jon reads Mice and Men. I really love the school food and the way teachers greet me at the door. I just think the school is cool and the teacher’s rock!!!

Anthony- I like Jon's class, I like the teachers, don’t mind school and the subjects discussed. 

What are some of your hobbies and interests? 

Jon- I like music. I want to produce and make music. I want to write lyrics and destroy nerds on the mic. I like breakfast sandwiches and always need my phone to check in with my people. I also like playing games online with my friends. I play games too late sometimes and come to school a little sleepy. 

Anthony- Music, listen to music, play video games- 

What are your plans after school? 

Jon- IDK. I want to make money. I want to make music. I want to become famous. I want to play video games.  I do not want to go to college because it costs too much money.

Anthony- Get a job, get some money, make and produce music. 

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