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Student Spotlight

SWAHS Student Spotlight

Meet Liam

SWAHS student spotlight

I nominated Liam for Student Spotlight for his embracing the idea of using our school as a second chance to get on track.  He started his junior year with just enough credits to be considered a ninth grader which put him in peril for graduation.  However, he will end the year with over 50 credits earned.  Not only is he on track to graduate, but Liam has qualified for half days next year!


Plus, Liam has used this time to find something of interest to him.  He had given little to no thought about life after high school until this year.  Working with staff member Jon Colburn, Liam used his interest in technology to run the Sowashco Repairs demo program at our school.  His success in the program has turned a casual interest into a career path.  Way to go Liam!

  1. Being able to have one on one time with teachers to get help.  The staff is flexible to help you on your schedule even if its before or after school.
  2. I like playing with technology like the Chromebook repair course.
  3. To become a computer engineer or IT coordinator.  I plan to get certification at some post-secondary institution either in person or online.
  4. If you want something, you have to pursue it.  Nothing will be handed to you.

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