Media Center

Our media center is located at the northeast corner of our school. It is a small but comfortable room, with tables, desks and even a rocking chair, and many shelves of books and magazines. Staff may use it as a quiet place to prep for class, or a conference when needed. Students work there when they need a calm atmosphere, and of course they also go there to check out books to read.

We have reference books that cover topics from countries of the world to wars. Our World Book of Encyclopedia is a great source of information, and help students learn how to search non-electronic data.

We have a shelf dedicated to poetry. These books include writings from District 833 students from the COMPAS (Writers and Artists in the Schools) program. We have biographies and autobiographies about famous and infamous people, politicians and people who have changed the world.

SWAHS students enjoy reading the whole series of a particular author, some of science fiction genre and others dealing with real life problems. Our Chicken Soup series is often used in our Human Relations classes.

The media center strives to support the SWAHS curriculum, and we work with teachers to purchase books that complement class assignments, such as AVID reading. Though our budget is small, the library is a work in progress and we strive to use our dollars wisely, adding books that are topical. Our students often recommend books they have read. The two most popular books we have ordered this year are Poisoned Apples: Poems For You, My Pretty, by Christine Hepperman, and Teeny Little Grief Machines, by Linda Oatman High.


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